Regiment of the Law Graduate Program

PPGD’s Internal Regiment




Resolution - 2020 PPGD Calendar

Approved at a Collegiate meeting held on 11.21.2019.


Resolution - PROAP/CAPES

Approves the regulation of the Postgraduate Support Program (PROAP), which is intended to provide better conditions for the training of human resources and for the production and deepening of knowledge in stricto sensu postgraduate courses maintained by Brazilian public institutions .


Resolution - Requirements for masters and doctoral qualification

Requirements for elaboration and approval of the Qualification Project of the Master Thesis and the Doctoral Thesis


Resolution - Directed studies

Granting of credits for publication, teaching internship, guided studies and other activities


Resolution - Use of credits

Granting of credits for publication of articles, participation in academic activities and activities


PPGD Resolution - Regulated teaching internship

Teaching Internship (ED) for students of postgraduate courses stricto-sensu of PPGD


CAPES - Social Demand

New Regulation of the Social Demand Program (Scholarships) and Teaching Internship.


Resolution - Scholarships

Criteria for granting scholarships, evaluation and scholarship commission


Resolution - Accreditation

Accreditation, maintenance and accreditation of professors


Resolution - Category of professor accreditation

Defines and classifies the category of professors' accreditation


Resolution - Creation of the Human Rights Laboratory

Creation of a Human Rights Laboratory 


Resolution - Re-Admission

Student re-admission


3. Collegiate Meetings Minutes